diana lynn

'Actors' Alley'

 Here’s where NCRT actors relax outside 
between scenes and during intermissions.


But why paint a chameleon on their wall? 

"Join us as we celebrate the chameleons: actors who can play virtually anyone – actors who seem to be different in every role as they disappear into their character. They're equally at home playing villains or heroes, dictators or detectives - actors who are so convincing you could watch them in back-to-back performances and not realize you were looking at the same person." 


And how does theater add color to the Chameleon and to our own lives? 

"Theater, live theater, offers us a unique and pure experience, be it filled with laughter or tears, as we respond in the moment to a shared story. Also, whether watching or performing, theatre can be a tremendous force for good. An excellent play, comedy or drama, can make us pay more attention to how we feel and how we treat our fellow man - how we act and think – to uncover wrongs and correct them." 






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